Santis R2D2 Standing up assistance

Electric height and tilt adjustable stand-up and sit-down assistance for the toilet

Rent the R2D2 Standing up assistance for only € 185,00* per month. For detailed information and specific requests, please » contact us.

The toilet lift/stand-up assistance R2D2 is an intelligent solution for people who have reduced freedom of movement due to age or physical disabilities.

Thanks to continuous height and tilt adjustment, it is possible to sit down and stand up safely and with full joint support and protection. The full weight of the body is supported without having to use the muscular strength of the legs.

In collaboration with architects, therapists, doctors, engineers and the participation of potential clients, the toilet lift / stand-up assistance R2D2 was optimally developed and adapted to the demands and needs of people with mobility restrictions. The greatest possible functionality, practicality and safety is guaranteed.


Technical data

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Video: Santis R2D2 Aufstehhilfe in Aktion Santis R2D2 Aufstehhilfe im abgesenkten Zustand Santis R2D2 Aufstehhilfe im hochgefahrenen Zustand Santis R2D2 Aufstehhilfe
Santis R2D2 Aufstehhilfe mit Vebra Shower toilet


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